A Tearful Encounter

Posted by Shayla Simmons — 19 Nov 2014

The human face is capable of many expressions.  Possibly no expression is more extraordinary than one accompanied by tears. Eyes that swell with tears, seemingly from an undying well, having been overwhelmed with the sense of joy or horrific sadness, create moments of exquisite beauty. A new baby or a grand welcome home for a homecoming soldier beckon tears of hope, laughter, and relief. These types of tears are a blessing, and a sign that -- just for the moment -- everything is and will be OK. There are, of course, sorrowful tears, such as those flowing over a broken heart that longs causing aching sobs, or a child that shrieks and floods the room with unjust wails after being scolded.  Bereavement over the loss of someone close yields tears both inescapable and hard to dry.

Check out these beautiful, tender moments that have been shared by our amazing JPG contributors.

tears... by Nikola Matovina

Tears for Peace by John Chenault

Tears of happiness..No Regrets!! by Fahad Abro

Steak tears by Tonya Doughty

dry your tears by Dine Lao

The bride's tear by Quim Fabregas Elias

In tears by Alex Schroder

All Teared Up by Scott Eagle

Alive, she cried... by Mauricio Jiménez

Crying by alfie lee

It Will Not Cry by Jill Coleman

The crying game by Diana Cretu

Dry tears by Diego Arroyo

cry by Ali Asgar Tekin

No Warmth for Loretta by AJ Lee

Life happens... and it begs to be captured everyday, so get out and try to catch the glint of laughter or the lonely tear of sadness.  There are so many more moving images here at JPG and we would love to see your collections of teary-eyed photography too, so get collecting and share!

Precision Photo Challenge Winner Announced!

Posted by Toby Morrison — 19 Nov 2014

Photographing action shots is just as thrilling to the photographer behind the camera as the person featured the shot!  For all the thrill, however, capturing the perfect action shot isn't always the easiest thing to do.  Catching the precise moment of  action generally takes skill, preparation and impeccable timing.  As nearly every photographer will readily admit, there is a component of 'luck' involved in getting those great shots.

In addition to your skill and a component of luck, having the right equipment is essential.  Tamron's Precision challenge asked you to submit your best 'precision' action photo for a chance top win some great Tamron lenses to make capturing the action even easier.  A Tamron lens from the Super Performance "ultrasonic silent drive" collection can help you capture the best in your action shots.

The challenge has closed and the winners have been chosen.  It's clear to see that these winners have some real action chops... and we're sure these lenses will help them further hone their craft.  Check out these winning entries, along with the additional shots we wanted to feature that also impressed!

Congrats to our winners and many thanks to all who entered! Watch for more great challenges coming soon!


Joe will receive a Tamron SP 24-70mm F/2.8 Di VC USD valued at $1300. The Tamron SP 24-70mm F/2.8 Di VC is a true "photographer's lens" YEAH!

Catching Air by Joe Eisner

"Skateboarder caught mid-air at Venice Beach Skate Park.  I was shooting at Venice Beach Skate Park, hoping for some great action shots. I had identified a couple of particularly acrobatic skaters to focus on and was following this young guy for a while. I saw him catch air, and was lucky to get the young boy spectating in the frame with the teenager suspended in mid-air.

I had shot there the previous year and also captured some great pictures. It was later in the afternoon in August, so the light was still pretty good.  I was shooting with a Nikon D800 and Tamron 28-300mm."


Andrew will receive a Tamron SP 70-300mm Di VC USD valued $449, perfect for shooting sports, wildlife, spot news, weddings or fashion.  NICE!  The 70-300mm also features a breathtakingly fast f2.8 aperture across the entire zoom range producing images that are crisp and richly colored with fine detail.

Endless Summer by Andrew Dutton

"For some people, surfing is more than a sport, it is a way of life. I took this photo at a beach in Pacifica California.  This guy just finished riding a wave all the way in and was just about to get off his board.  "The Endless Summer" is the greatest film ever made about Surfing! A big THANKS to all of my fellow JPGers that have voted for this entry! Very much appreciated! The original of this shot was in NEF (RAW) format and was 17.3MB, after conversion to Jpg format it is 7.3MB."

Be sure to browse through all the amazing entries and check out all the HOT photos too entered into the Precision Photo Challenge!  

Huge THANKS to TAMRON for supporting this challenge!  Tamron is your solution for creating beautiful images from technical excellence.  Tamron offers products characterized by warmth and humanity-products that stimulate the sensibilities of people around the world in the constantly evolving field of visual communication.

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Here a few more "merit" shots we wanted to feature!

Card shark by Chad Cork

Dance - Two of a Kind by Dale Scherfling

The saving header by Florin Novac

Fire Dancer(s)! by Irfan Chaudhry

Brute by boland rotor

Winning Catch by Micah Jesson

Neither Here Nor There by Jeff Weber

Jumping in one wheel by George Cosmin Marin

Close Encounters by Paul Marto

Unleash the Beast by Jeremy Jones

hair by Julie Ann Newell

GRAVITY? Never heard of it. by Donna Mullins

Canonball by Suzanne Tutak

Of the Week

Posted by Shayla Simmons — 17 Nov 2014

Photo of the Week

Vulnerability by Zapata Juan P

Story of the Week 100 Tips to Better Landscapes

atlantic ruins by alan ranger

Member of the Week Bailey Cooper

Obtuse Theories by Bailey Cooper

Photo Challenge: Tree of Life

Posted by Shayla Simmons — 16 Nov 2014

This Photo Challenge was suggested by Ronnie Ginnever. Since ancient times trees have been the subject and a metaphor of life.  This is a great time to capture a story and tell your own, for, the roots run deep with words and visions.  The Tree of Life.

Winter Bark by Pam Lennard

Autumn Series 2 by Janneke de Jong

Trinity Peace by Rico Hudspeth

Enchanted Autumn by Frank Jonen

Standing United During Change by Christopher Boswell

AdmistTheDark by Carissa Stanz

Endless Winter by Eric Ianuzi

Forest Fall by Claire Crocker

Leaning In by David Curry

Wall of Sound by Mike Melnotte

Tree Of Life by Jordan August

Tree by Peter Tompkins

Autumn by Matt Granz

Roswell Tree of Life by Pam Doughty

Good Morning Sunshine by Crystal Hilliard

Sunny Day by Randall Williams

Just a tree by Willie Bee

Tree in morning light, Corrales, New Mexico by christina kennedy

Tree of Life by Julie Shackson

Mumtaz by Waleed Moos

Sleeping Poet's Pool by Jerry Clement

Autumn Flight by Karisa L Clark

Tree of Life by Ron N

Untitled by Manu Felices

A second chance ~~ by Christy Popkes

Maybe a Tree in the Next life? by Nicole Smith

Untitled by Don Brogan

Hidden tree by Virginie HERIN

A moment of tree awe by Nadeem Shafi

Repossession by jason christopher

Passing Through by Stephanie Crittenden

Crouching Tiger...Hidden Dragon?

Posted by Shayla Simmons — 12 Nov 2014

Remember when you were a child, playing with all your toys at your side, and you could stay crouched over them for an endless amount of time?  When youth and flexibility fade, crouching seems to be a tiresome position that hurts the knees and even puts the feet to sleep.  At a certain age, it is almost necessary to stop crouching all together... It would be almost comical if it weren't so depressing, for the fear of falling over or not getting back up at all is quite painfully humiliating. Crouching, in certain instances, can ensure the photographer gets the perfect shot lined up in the view finder... Besides, you're only going to be there for a moment right?  But, besides picking up things we dropped or reaching the very bottom shelf, do we really need to do it?   

Check out these perfect crouching JPG shots!

Untitled by Руслан Исинев

Look by Preben Hunstad

The Perfect Shot by Lauren

Balance by Korin Fisher

Waiting by Alex Hill

PORTRAIT: Liza 2 by Jenna Kim

Untitled by Danielle Tunstall

Kezia by Rene Lieberherr

Untitled by Alain Daoud

Lena by Tatsiana Kilimbet

The moment I Fell In Love ... by Christopher Griesé

Now, it seems that in these images the croucher is perfectly comfortable in the position that they have put themselves in, some even appear to be sleeping!  Now it's your turn to get down low and crouch for the camera!  Don't forget to upload your shots to share with us... There are so many more crouching shots all throughout the site, just waiting to be found. When you come across them, create a collection to save and share!

Of the Week

Posted by Shayla Simmons — 10 Nov 2014

Photo of the Week

Waiting for the sunrise by Catalin Pomeanu

Story of the Week Dominic and Kayden

Filling the Loader by Scott Emery

Member of the Week kil roy metters

sad eyes............ by kil roy metters

Photo Challenge: Hitch a Ride

Posted by Shayla Simmons — 9 Nov 2014

This Photo Challenge is all about hitching a ride; and what's great about this theme is we've all done it, in one way or another. Hitching a ride could be in a cab or flagging a down a car on the highway for a ride. Getting a ride doesn't always come in the means of a car, it could be riding on a horse or even better yet catching a ride on that perfect wave. So however you like to hitch that ride, capture it, and submit it to this really cool Photo Challenge!

Ride? by Talisha (Tally) Sachlis

hitchhiker by Lira Ziyad

Baatar by Alix Willemez

Hosier Lane, Melbourne by Vic Trotman

Unites in tow by Efren Ponce V. Marti

 island hopping by nickbon

Red Inside by Jeremy Jones

Ridin Low by Anthony Baccam

Sundown by Beth Evans-Lutz

Maintenance by Jacqueline Cave

Bel Air II by Ted Anderson

IN TRANSIT by David Adler

Back to the Future by Daniel Zuercher

First Step by David Curry

Moelfre DH by SC Ross Media

Owning the day by Alex Preiss

Fire Performance by Zapata Juan P

Tractor Run by melissa me!

The Race by Bob Wall

Pick a Horse Power by Jenna Kim

[ framed ] by Riccardo Romano

Best of October 2014

Posted by Shayla Simmons — 5 Nov 2014

Welcome to the Best of October!  October is the month best known for ghosts, ghouls and scary things, but, as far as we can tell, it was more on the beautiful side.  Our JPG contributors showed us the amazing picturesque side of October and there was not a trick in sight only treats for the eyes to behold.

Check out all these amazing October shots taken by our amazing JPG photographers and don't let the beauty frighten you!

Quiraing Rainbow by Bruce Kennedy

A Rock and a Hard Place by David Curry

Mum Black & White by Mark Queen

Untitled by Cisco StreetLenz

Hot Stuff by Barbara Socor

Ruffled by Andy Mills

Open windows by Toby Morrison

In The Autumn Sunshine by BreeAnna Smith

Jubilation by Charles Gossett

Le Monde Perdu by Max Brun

Waiting for the sunrise by Catalin Pomeanu

Up Lay by Tim Moore

Among the trees by Scot Newman

Grain by Ted Anderson

Four Friends by Hengki Koentjoro

Circle of Light by Shawn Beeles

new face to CF by Ian Pettigrew

Untitled by Valentina Fontanella

Yes, October was amazing, but, November has just started and the holidays are right around the corner; replete with food and family/friends getting together to celebrate good times.  So make sure you get out and capture all the good times and memories... before you know it will be 2015!

Of the Week

Posted by Shayla Simmons — 3 Nov 2014

Photo of the Week

Le Monde Perdu by Max Brun

Story of the Week Ni Hao!

Shanghai skyline by raji

Member of the Week Salvatore Gebbia

Sukran's dream by salvatore gebbia

Winner Announced in Summer Escapes Photo Challenge

Posted by Toby Morrison — 3 Nov 2014

As the leaves turn color and begin to recess from the trees, it's a sure sign that winter is drawing near.  Just as you are likely looking back on your summer photos thinking, "where did the summer go?" -we are bummed to have to end this challenge.  Another month or two and we would have surely been able to get more amazing summer travel photos posted.  But as the proverb goes, "all good things come to an end."  So here you have it, the votes are in and our judges have spoken!  The following images have been selected as the official winners of the 2014 Summer Escapes photo challenge featuring submissions of the best 2014 Summer Travel Photos!

Grand Prize Winner!

Mount Fuji's Shadow by Jordan Hayashi

Selected by Pro Travel Photographer, Ken Kaminesky and the PhotoShelter team

The attraction to climb Mt. Fuji is immanent.  Once you lay eyes on the massive Japanese peak, how could you say "no" to wanting to see it's beauty from the top.  If you plan your climb just right, you can catch one of the greatest views of all... the sunset.  Jordan Hayashi's trip to the top proved to be an amazing one!  At first glance his image looks like just another sunset photo.  After gazing on the different elements became clear that there's much more to this image than the usual warm orange hues that glide throughout the cloudy blue sky we all know and love to see.  Normally, you see photos like this are shot from the window of an airplane.  We doubt that was the case this time.  As you begin to fixate on the dark rectangular shape cast upon the clouds, reaching across and extending out into the horizon...  Jordan's photo suddenly transforms from 'just another sunset photo' to a special moment captured at the end of a journey, arriving at the peak of one of the greatest mountains in the world - Mount Fuji.  We're certain every time Jordan looks back at this photo he can remember the finer details of the moment. 

We were able to get a hold of Jordan and here is what he had to say about his journey to the top.

"I took a trip to Japan to study the language and decided to climb Mount Fuji at the end of summer. I was told that it would be hard to carry camera equipment up the mountain since it was such a hard hike, but I decided to bring all of my gear and a tripod rather than the food and water that other people were packing. It was an exhausting 5 hour climb to the top, but I made it to the peak just before sunset. The sunset was absolutely breathtaking (literally...the lack of oxygen at the peak helped take my breath away). I tried to capture the magnitude of the view by including the entire shadow of the mountain, while still retaining the colors of the sunset."

For Jordan's amazing shot at the top of Mt. Fuji, he will receive a free PhotoShelter Pro account for a full year, a $100 gift card to B&H photo!  YEAH!!

Merit Prize Winner

Against The Falling Sun by Jenna Kim

Selected by Pro Travel Photographer, Ken Kaminesky and the PhotoShelter team

Jenna will receive a PhotoShelter standard account for a single year compliments of PhotoShelter!

We were able to catch up with Jenna about the photo and here is what she had to say:

"I was sitting on the beach-side by the Santa Monica Pier, watching the sun set over the Pacific Ocean.  Initially I had wanted to photograph just the sunset and was waiting for a clearing. But as more people began appearing in front of me, their shadows against the falling light captivated me! I took several shots and this one was the one I liked the most!"

Jenna shared the moment sitting in the sand with an out of state guest.  The two were visitors to the beach that day joining each other in Santa Monica to celebrate to the life of a passing loved one.

Merit Prize Winner

Voyager by Eugenio Frasca

Selected by Pro Travel Photographer, Ken Kaminesky and the PhotoShelter team

Will receive a PhotoShelter standard account for a single year compliments of PhotoShelter!

Eugenio described his submission:

"The "Voyager" photo was taken in a beautiful valley among vineyards and corn fields in northeastern Italy. It was staged for a shot announcing my upcoming trip to Asia and accompanied by a text written by one of the major American writers of all times, Jack Kerouac "Our battered suitcases were piled on the sidewalk again; we had longer ways to go. But no matter, the road is life."
The suitcase appearing in the photo has a story of its own - It is an original suitcase from the 60's, used by its owner for a number of travels including India, where he documented the daily life of the locals in a stunning series of black and white photos.

Merit Prize Winner

To fall in love of the nothing by Davide Simone

Selected by the JPG community vote

Will receive a PhotoShelter standard account for a single year compliments of PhotoShelter!

If you haven't yet checked out all the entries check them out here and don't forget to browse through all the HOT photos as well as all the amazing entries entered into theme Summer Escapes photo theme!  

Huge THANKS to PhotoShelter for supporting this challenge!  PhotoShelter is your solution for creating a beautiful website offering over 100 professional-grade features to help smoothly run your photo business online.  PhotoShelter is trusted by over 80,000 enthusiasts, freelancers and established pros worldwide.

Get started today with a 14 day trial when you visit www.photoshelter.com.

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