Best of September 2014

Posted by Shayla Simmons — 1 Oct 2014

The Best of September brought us great portraits, rich saturated colors and striking variations of greys in black and white photos.  There were many occasions to capture during September, such as celebrating the spirit and history of hard work during Labor Day.  Fully 13 years later, 9/11 continues to serve as a somber reminder of an infamous day... an anniversary of reflection and remembrance. 

Not all days in September are about work or, or are attached to sad memories.  On the 13th, it was 'positive thinking day', or on the 15th it was 'make a hat day'.  So as you can see there are many days in September to celebrate, remember and most of all have fun capturing! 

These images show us how our JPGers enjoyed their days in September.

hogar by Ernesto Robles

Goodbye summer. Hello autumn. by Kirill Tcipilev

Double Arch by Alex Preiss

Tobago Sunset by Phil Sykes

Sobe Life Stand 2nd by Christopher murray

Beyond the stream by Anders Samuelsson

  by mihai surdea

The Endless View by Scott Hafer

colour nest by Gerda Putnaite

Lightning Strikes by Joe Leone

Hope rainbow in Val di Funes (Dolomiti,Italia) by Giancarlo Pavan

Cloudy morning by Harsh Wardhan

Railroad Crossing by Eugenio Frasca

... by Piotr Haskiewicz

Easy Ride by Henry Bowman

Untitled by Kate Loran

USAF REDHORSE Airmen conduct sling load operation by Chris Hubenthal

Sunset wedding kiss by Andrea Siplova - Sidenstricker

1:51am by Elijah Weerts

Untitled by Christine Szeredy

Red Barn by Edmund Lowe

Against the Wall by Zapata Juan P

End of Summer Butterfly by Joe Dunckel

Pele Inspired by Sarina Gito

Yes, September is over and there are only a few months left till the end of the year.  But, don't fret, get out and live your days and capture the moments!

October is a little spookier then the rest.  Can't wait to see your best shots!!


Posted by Toby Morrison — 1 Oct 2014

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Of the Week

Posted by Shayla Simmons — 29 Sep 2014

Photo of the Week

I'm going to climb over that wall by Ljubo Zdjelarevic

Story of the Week Matera, Southern Italy

Matera by Alessandro Avondo

Member of the Week Peter Tompkins

Misty Power Poles by Peter Tompkins

Photo Challenge: Shoot Your Favorite Time of the Day

Posted by Shayla Simmons — 28 Sep 2014

For this Photo Challenge it is all about your favorite time of the day.  Whether it is the quite hours of the morning or the life of the party during the night.

Night Lights by Linda Houghton

AND A NEW DAY BEGINS!! by Michael Yagoda

Evening Light in the Mountains by Pam Lennard

Fog with Bittersweet 7:53 AM by Andrea Petersen

Showtime by Ted Anderson

The Violet Hour by Elijah Weerts

Morning @ Lake by Klensa ksdams

LAKE CUSHMAN by Rashonda Meyers

Amanecer pepiniano II by Angel Arocho

10:55 a.m. by mark yugawa

Barn Kittens by Sara Knick

Solitary by Rob Case

Cloudy morning by Harsh Wardhan

Sunflower Love and Peace by Karen Menyhart

Favorite Time of the Day by Toby Morrison

"Pocillo" by Carlos Aviles

Oasis in the Desert by Mohammed Iskhakov

Morning Sun by Heather Prince

Untitled by Ivana Cvetkova

On the road again.. by Rohan Rego

Sunshade by Ivonne Robledo

Watched By The Moon by Camille Coffman

"God's Grace" by Kenneth Fasnacht

Fairy Tales by Riccardo Cuppini

running by Sungsoo Lee

Sunset Roses by Kathryn Meyer

beer:30 by patrick kowalka

Morning in My Sanctuary by Claire Crocker

early morning rain by christa masters

Twilight by Rebecca Raber


Posted by Shayla Simmons — 24 Sep 2014

It is dusk and it's time to unwind and withdraw from another of life's busy days.  It's time to retreat, to shy away from the noise and energy of the outside world and bunker down to retire for the night.  Just like many animals and humans, there are flowers that are highly evolved to rise with the sun and withdraw with the night.  Some flowers, like tulips, will shut and enclose themselves at dusk and open fresh for the next day, this movement is called nyctinasty.  Although the purpose of nyctinasty in flowers is not entirely understood, it is pretty remarkable and can be gorgeous to photograph

Check out these great JPG images that were taken when flowers enveloped themselves.

. by susumu katayama

Traces Of Spring by P. W.

Single closed snowdrop by Julie

Fuchsia bud by Stephen Fenstov

Bud and Bokeh by Denise Foley

lovers by Janno Vään

After the Storm by Cee Matos

shallot study 2 by christa masters

Pink Kiss by Kerry Nobbs

Closed for a Rainy Day by Steve Brushett

Before you let escape a yawn, draw sleepy eyes to a close, find a garden or a single bud and capture it retiring from the day.  Perhaps set up for a time lapse to catch every movement of nyctinasty.  If you happen across other great shots throughout the site, create a collection and bring your link back to share with us!

Of the Week

Posted by Shayla Simmons — 22 Sep 2014

Photo of the Week

The Key by Ted Anderson

Story of the Week Elemental, my dear...#1 Water

Forces of Nature (2011) by Tom Harvey

Member of the Week Rudi Waisnawa

chained in Life #1 by Rudi Waisnawa

Photo Challenge: By the Light of the Bonfire

Posted by Shayla Simmons — 21 Sep 2014

With summer drawing to a close and school starting back up, the best way to say goodby to the season, is a good old bonfire.  From college campuses to restless spirits, a bonfire is a great way to celebrate the past, present and what is to come!

Newport Flame by Jesse Nicole

fire in the allotments by catharine amato

Burning to a Crisp by James

Untitled by Stephen Little

Fire on High by Matt Granz

 From one spark can rise a great fire... And leave only ashes by Christy

 The Night of Ancient Bonfires by Janno Vään

Roasted Marshmallows by Euronimia Jesus

Bonfire on the mountains by Dave Berendhuysen


Posted by Shayla Simmons — 17 Sep 2014

What used to be a taboo, even a sign of rebellion, has now become a right of passage.  Our bodies have long been said to be our temples and should be respected and loved. There are many individuals that are against tattooing the body, while others, well, lets just say are positively addicted to it.  Tattooing is a way to mark moments in our lives like  our struggles, triumphs, and memories; documenting our experiences permanently into our skin.

People have been poking themselves with needles and ink for around 5000 years!  All over the world, from China to Australia, native peoples practiced tattooing to show tribal rank, age, and even to protect themselves from evil spirits.  These days, tattooing is everywhere from tattoo parlors to bike rallies and, more recently reality TV.  If you want to see what's trending in the world of tattoos, there are shows like Ink Master or LA Ink, and we certainly can't forget the outrageous Tattoo Nightmares.  All these shows have catapulted the art and the artists that create such memorable pieces into stardom.

Our awesome JPG contributors have done some amazing work, themselves, capturing some fine ink work.  Check out these amazing tattoos and the canvases that wear them!

between batik and tattoo by dimas sediyatmo

Tattoo Artist by Marcus Sie

Untitled by Sheila Carroll

Tattoo 5 by Danny Gilleland

Tattoo by Fabrizio Romagnoli

my tattoos by amanda paredes

My new tattoo by Cory Grace

The girl with the dragon tattoo by Don Smith

Victorian by Steven Fylpaa

Sheena Rose by James Oliveira

"Ink Not Mink" PETA Suicide Girl Campaign by Bree Kristel Clarke

Calming the departed by Jerry Winnett

Untitled by Elle Fstop

Zach Griese by carleigh Frohlich

Chick Coca ! by Lany Simard

So the next time you're thinking about getting a tattoo or someone you know is, make sure that you take your camera to capture the art, and even the pain, in their pursuit of beauty... which is, after all, in the eye of the beholder!

Take a deep breath.... this is gonna hurt!

Of the Week

Posted by Shayla Simmons — 15 Sep 2014

Photo of the Week

first noble truth by Sagar Shah

Story of the Week How do you refrain from biting?

How do you refrain from biting? by seanie blue

Member of the Week Sungsoo Lee

a kid's eye @ train station by Sungsoo Lee

Photo Challenge: The Eyes Have It

Posted by Shayla Simmons — 14 Sep 2014

This photo challenge was suggested by Julie Newell and is was all about the eyes.  Eyes show all the emotion of life and take in the sights to be stored away in the memory bank.  JPGer's  got up close and personal to capture this beautiful feature of the face.


light and darkness by Julie Ann Newell

Odino il bello by Stefania Mela

Molten by Josie Eldred

Morning by Juli Watson

"Future" by Ruslan Tumash

reflection by Chris Ryser

Attentive Eyes by Talisha (Tally) Sachlis

Oluchi Onuoha by Eunice Onuoha

Hello Blue Eyes by Sarah Terokowskie

Embera Woman by George Campos Jr.

Face of Poverty: Part A by Jenna Kim

Wonder eyes by Euronimia Jesus

Goodbye summer. Hello autumn. by Kirill Tcipilev


by mihai surdea

sad eyes............ by kil roy metters

A Force To Be Reckoned With by Christian Thomas

Miss Mia! by Dale Estes

Divine Debris II (2) by Sarah Barker

Untitled by Debbie Hartley

say by Victor Bezrukov

Baby Face by A. Earle

Iris by Jing Zhou

Untitled by Christine