Of the Week

Posted by Shayla Simmons — 20 Oct 2014

Photo of the week

Home by Jarod Rawsthorne

Story of the Week 

Mirrorless Madness Professional Cameras

Fall Fashion Hat by Rolando Gomez

Member of the Week Kenneth Fasnacht

"God's Grace" by Kenneth Fasnacht

Photo Challenge: Stripes are the Pattern

Posted by Shayla Simmons — 19 Oct 2014

There are many patterns in life to capture, but, for this Photo Challenge it was all about finding the stripes. At a zoo, a zebra taken by surprise is captured, or a circus with its humongous striped Big Top tent, these are great examples of stripes!

Closed October 19, 2014

Near Newtown , CT by Tim

 Patzvel 3 by Stefano Sagri

Untitled by christa masters

A Touch of Color by Dale Scherfling

Flower Stripes by Andy Mills

Lines and textures III by Paola De Giovanni

Another day at the office by Mariah Green

Caltagirone by Elyseo

Autumn by Gerda Putnaite

another day by Yasemin Kaya-Pędziszewska

Clouds by Harsh Wardhan

Jacobs Ladder by A Lan

up a slippery slope by JanElle

Safe Harbor

Posted by Shayla Simmons — 15 Oct 2014

A beacon in the dark inviting weary sea travelers to a safe harbor in the distance, lighthouses illuminate the safe passage away from jagged cliffs and rocky shores.

Lighthouses have been around for centuries and have served to aid sea and aerial transportation. These houses by the sea are land marks that shine their warning of rough coastal lines, jagged rock, shallow ocean bottoms, and deadly coral reefs.  

With danger comes beauty and these images from JPG contributors have it all, take a look!

Maine by Joerg Andre

Lighthing the Way by Frank Summers

Red Winter by James Dejong

Haceta Light, Oregon by THOMAS LOVE

Black Rock Light House-2 by Tom Piorkowski

Ambiance by Kevin Raggio

Untitled by carmen rugel

Path to the Lighthouse by Peter Kurdulija

Lake Hefner Lighthouse by Trayson Conner

Lake Hefner Lighthouse by Trayson Conner

Portland Head Light, Portland, Maine by Raymond Fausel

Sapelo Lighthouse by Shannon Jenkins

Hornby Lighthouse ~~ by Christy Popkes

Another working day by Veselin Malinov

Escape this World by Ian Simmons

As the gusts of wind whip around the lighthouse tower, ghostly voices of drowned sea travelers faintly call....call to you to capture these remarkable landmarks!   Make sure to visit a lighthouse soon if you can and take your camera, because, it's not just a house, its a beacon of a safe harbor.  As you peruse the millions of images around JPG, create a collection of great lighthouse shots to share with us and either post the link or send it to us so we can feature it!

Shine a Light on Some Beautiful Lighthouses!

Of the Week

Posted by Shayla Simmons — 13 Oct 2014

Photo of the Week

Responding to the Call by Andrea Silies

Story of the Week Oh those Butterfly mornings

Heading out of town by Joe Dunckel

Member of the Week Bruce Kennedy

Quiraing Rainbow by Bruce Kennedy

Photo Challenge: Around the Corner

Posted by Shayla Simmons — 12 Oct 2014

You never know what is waiting around the corner for you and what kind of an amazing image might be one click away. For this photo challenge it was all about getting out and exploring your neighborhood and what is behind every corner.

The dark side by Jing Zhou

Determination by SC Ross Media

Peek-a-boo by Drew MacDonald

Sitting on the Corner by camilo otero

Untitled by Stephen Little


Alone in the labirint by George Cosmin Marin

Just some laundry by Daniel Zuercher

just corner by Vojislav Subota

My Corner by Camille Coffman

Unexpected by Ted Anderson

Straight ahead! by Herman Vandecauter

Fairy Path by FaLLeN GuSiLuCiUs

tallulah, LA by christa masters

Just another alley way in the city by Robin Lerios

surprise by Eric Ianuzi

No Way by A Lan

in case you were wondering... by Jason Platt

The Little Black Dress

Posted by Shayla Simmons — 8 Oct 2014

Every woman has been told that the quintessential wardrobe must-have is the 'Little Black Dress."  A little black dress can pretty much be worn anywhere, a work function, a funeral, a wedding, or on a date.  This dress, depending on the cut, can be sexy and alluring.  It can make the woman wearing it seem a bit mysterious even; all in all it can be tailored to fit the woman and her intent.  With Halloween just around the corner, this 'Little Black Dress" might be conjuring up something more dangerous and troubling....like witchcraft!

Check out these JPG "Little Black Dresses" haunting and stealing the show!

Untitled by Christine Szeredy

the black dress. by Hannah Person

Learning to Fly with Broken Wings by Leriam Gonzalez

A Bad Choice by Elly Lucas

i am among no one by mukti echwantono

dress up by Lisa Kimberly

Untitled by Chris Day

Untitled by Jillian Xenia

Parisian by Jean-Baptiste Fort

Heidi Barlow by Haley Scott

untitled by Deborah Hally

It's finally time to get out that "Little Black Dress" and capture some sexy, fun, or even haunting photographs.  Don't forget to upload your images to share and possibly... scare?  

If you're trolling through the site and find other little black dresses to share, gather a collection and bring the link to show us!

Nothing wrong with dressing nice for a little trick or treat!

Of the Week

Posted by Shayla Simmons — 6 Oct 2014

Photo of the Week

Wall by Daniel Zuercher

Story of the Week Soldier's National Cemetery

Silence and Respect by Troy Hickok

Member of the Week Jenny Pariseau

Happy by Jenny Pariseau

Photo Challenge: In the Distance

Posted by Shayla Simmons — 5 Oct 2014

This photo challenge was all about capturing an amazing image from a distance.  "From a Distance" is from the vantage point way up on a hill, or a mile down the road, it also could be captured from high in the sky.

Sunrise Panorama by Rakesh Malik

Thiepval by David Delannoy

Red Barn by Edmund Lowe

Just Before Landing by June Rhodes

Painted sky by Debbie Famera

Afternoon drive by Sara Z

The Road Less Travelled by Tim Peters

greenfields by nickbon

Simply Beautiful by Sarah Terokowskie

Himalaya by Maurice Schutgens

Red Sea by muhamed rateb

Morning Eye Treatment Series (Determined Girl ) by Pedro Teixeira

Long corridor by edouard bernasconi

Cliffs of Moher by Lev Lerner

Misty Power Poles by Peter Tompkins

On the Beach by Heather Prince

Victoria falls by Agueda Sanfiz

Sunrise over Bayside Bridge 2 - Clearwater, FL 09/2014 by Michael V.

Mothership Sunset by Matt Granz

Cueva Ventana by Carlos Aviles

As If There Weren't a Care in the World by Laurie Search

Amazing Patagonia 3 by ROCIO GUILLEN

Alberta Canada by inna kazagrandi

Sunrise by Gene Torno

Best of September 2014

Posted by Shayla Simmons — 1 Oct 2014

The Best of September brought us great portraits, rich saturated colors and striking variations of greys in black and white photos.  There were many occasions to capture during September, such as celebrating the spirit and history of hard work during Labor Day.  Fully 13 years later, 9/11 continues to serve as a somber reminder of an infamous day... an anniversary of reflection and remembrance. 

Not all days in September are about work or, or are attached to sad memories.  On the 13th, it was 'positive thinking day', or on the 15th it was 'make a hat day'.  So as you can see there are many days in September to celebrate, remember and most of all have fun capturing! 

These images show us how our JPGers enjoyed their days in September.

hogar by Ernesto Robles

Goodbye summer. Hello autumn. by Kirill Tcipilev

Double Arch by Alex Preiss

Tobago Sunset by Phil Sykes

Sobe Life Stand 2nd by Christopher murray

Beyond the stream by Anders Samuelsson

  by mihai surdea

The Endless View by Scott Hafer

colour nest by Gerda Putnaite

Lightning Strikes by Joe Leone

Hope rainbow in Val di Funes (Dolomiti,Italia) by Giancarlo Pavan

Cloudy morning by Harsh Wardhan

Railroad Crossing by Eugenio Frasca

... by Piotr Haskiewicz

Easy Ride by Henry Bowman

Untitled by Kate Loran

USAF REDHORSE Airmen conduct sling load operation by Chris Hubenthal

Sunset wedding kiss by Andrea Siplova - Sidenstricker

1:51am by Elijah Weerts

Untitled by Christine Szeredy

Red Barn by Edmund Lowe

Against the Wall by Zapata Juan P

End of Summer Butterfly by Joe Dunckel

Pele Inspired by Sarina Gito

Yes, September is over and there are only a few months left till the end of the year.  But, don't fret, get out and live your days and capture the moments!

October is a little spookier then the rest.  Can't wait to see your best shots!!


Posted by Toby Morrison — 1 Oct 2014

Submit Your Best Action Precision Photo between October 1, 2014 and October 31, 2014 for a chance to win a Tamron Super Performance Lens!

Capturing the grit of dust from the motor bike racing past, or the ice crystals cutting through the air as a snow boarder ascends to great heights or the gleaming drop of sweat rolling down from the brow of a runner, these are all the precise moments of action photography. You could win a Tamron Super Performance Lens just by submitting your best action shot! A Tamron lens from the Super Performance "ultrasonic silent drive" collection can help you capture the best in your action shots.

Click here to submit your best shot for the chance to win!

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Community Prize


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