Do You Know These Photographers?

Posted by David Ozanich — 18 Jan 2011


Do you recognize these photographers? They are Brooklyn's Most Wanted!

Todd Beiber, a New York filmmaker, was skiing in Brooklyn's Prospect Park after a recent blizzard and found a 35mm film canister. He decided to develop the film and to his surprise, the photos were "pretty good." Beiber has since set out to locate the lost photographers. He guesses that they're tourists because they have a "Europe look to them" and assumes that they were in New York "on holiday - which is a European word for vacation."

The video below showcases many truly lovely shots taken of December in New York and is rather nifty in general. If you think you know who these mysterious "Europe" people are, you can track down Todd Beiber at his website.

Via Gothamist.

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